10 Ways to Use LED Christmas lights all year!

October 19, 2019

The Holidays are just around the corner and just about everyone is already planning for decorating to celebrate Halloween and Christmas.

Here are a few ideas on how to use your LED Christmas light sets during and after the holidays.

1. Walkways look wonderfully inviting when lined with LED Christmas light sets. Consider using light stakes to suspend the lights, stringing them along the curves of your sidewalk and along your garden paths.

2. Accent fireplace mantles with fresh or faux greenery and accent them with a string or two of warm white LED Christmas lights. No heat operation makes them a safer choice when partnering them with fresh pine boughs.

Don’t plan to burn anything in the fireplace? Fill the fireplace with glass containers of light strings.

3. Have a she-shed? Outline it with light strings or rope light and create a festive backyard centerpiece.

Don’t forget a little porch or overhang and light it with swags of string light.

4. During the holidays, the dining room probably sees more use than other times of the year. Use white, red, or green mini lights to decorate your sideboard, hutch or buffet. Even when you’re not entertaining in that room, you’ll love it every time you enter the room. Put lights on a timer or alexa controlled outlet to turn the room on and off with no worries.

5. White lights and winter weddings just naturally seem to go hand-in-hand. Decorate the church and reception hall with pure white led lights. and battery operated mini lights for a romantic and enchanting evening.

6. Since LED Christmas light strings are moisture-resistant, this makes them a great choice not only for decorating for Christmas but for all year.

Aside from outlining rooflines, and sidewalks, consider creating a “waterfall effect” on all of your trees by draping light strands from the crown of the tree down on each side. This is a look drive-by light enthusiasts love.

Don’t forget to wrap tree trunks before parties. This 10-15 minute job is a great way to accent trees in the front and back yards.

7. Light more than one Christmas tree! Many people setup and decorate Christmas trees strategically throughout their homes for added holiday cheer.

LED Christmas lights are ideal for all those trees since they run cool to the touch and are energy efficient. Perhaps this year, decorate each tree with a different light color and theme for something fun and different.

8. Christmas lights are the perfect addition to parties throughout the year too. Use orange lights for Halloween or fall parties. Dress up your 4th of July party by using red, white, and blue lights around the patio, porch, or pool area.

9. Throwing a baby shower? Blue and pink mini lights will make a big impression at your next baby shower. Gift the light sets to the mommy-to-be when she goes home and she can use them to decorate the nursery.

10. Gardens, flowerbeds, stone sculptures, and water features are beautiful when illuminated with light. Outline flowerbeds and walkways throughout your gardens. Use lights to highlight stone sculptures, outbuildings, and sitting areas.

LED Christmas light sets can be used in several different ways to make your home, inside and out, more inviting and beautiful all year.

Let us know how you use lights to decorate your home or next special event.

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