2011 Christmas Lights Season Off to a Great Start

November 8, 2011
Christmas Lights
Frosted White Christmas Lights on Green Wire

Whether the economy isn’t all that it could be, there are earthquakes in Oklahoma or snow in September, it seems like people love Christmas lights no matter what adversities come along.

Sales of incandescent lights are strong and LED Christmas light sales are increasing as folks take advantage of the energy savings.

Ultimately, the choice between LED and incandescent is more about what you like as much as what is economical.

Malls, shopping centers and business all over the country are COVERING trees with multiple colors of LED Christmas lights – I know because customers are calling to find out how they can duplicate this amazing look. I’ve seen it accomplished with both M5 (mini ice) and G12 (razzberry) LED lenses and a wide range of density.

If you choose to duplicate this look, order a few lights in the colors and lens styles that appeal to you and purchase some samples to see how far they go depending on how tightly you wind them and if the colors are really what you had in mind.

Commercial installers are starting to use more LED C7 and C9 bulbs but transparent white (or clear) bulbs installed in custom cut spools are still our most popular choice for home installation.

Mini lights sales are doing well – supported with year long sales in lights meant for crafts and home projects. Mini lights with 1/4 inch clips molded into their bases are in high demand by people who set up wire fram yard sculptures.

If you haven’t started thinking about lights, time is flying by. So what will it be this year? Traditional or LED? Multi, Clear or Teal?

It’s good to have choices 🙂

Merry Christmas,

Shellie Gardner
Christmas Light Source
Christmas Lights

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