Accenting Trees with Trunk Wrap Mini Lights

June 11, 2008

If you’re planning to light the shrubs surrounding your home, why not light the trees as well? Wrapping the tree trunks is a popular choice and is easier than you might think!

While you can always use connected mini light strings to wrap round and round the trunk, the easier, not to mention a faster way to accomplish the same effect is by using a tree trunk wrap. Available in several sizes, these wraps simply encircle the tree trunk and, voila! You’re done in an instant!

Depending on the diameter of the tree trunk, you will be able to choose from the most commonly available trunk wraps online which are 2′ by 6′ trunk wraps or 2′ by 8′ foot wraps for a taller trunk. Each tree trunk wrap will generally feature 150 clear lights on green wire with a 24″ lead wire.

(We like to use wire ties to connect the trunk lights to each other before installing them on the tree.)

Now you can stop with just the trunk, or you can start were the trunk wrap ends and tackle the branches, too! Stunning!

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