April 7, 2019 Newsletter: Lighting a pergola or patio? Custom light strings are your answer

April 8, 2018

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Multi colored globe bulbs

Create custom outdoor light strings

With our favorite new products for Spring

We all love strings of twinkle lights brightening the yard during the Christmas Season but have you asked yourself….

What about Spring?

The good news for Spring is there are a ton of options to light your outdoor entertainment areas. Personalized commercial-grade light strings are a magical way to accent pergolas, porches, open spaces, and more.

If you plan to spend time outside this Spring and Summer, you can easily take the next step and create your own custom light strings.

It’s simpler than you think.

  1. Choose your bulbs
  2. Choose your cords
  3. Order
  4. Screw the bulbs into the cords
  5. Make your celebrations sparkle!



Light bulb shape and socket size

Choosing Your Bulbs & Cords

Just a few steps

When you create your own custom light strings, you choose bulbs first. Bulbs determine cords.

Choose your bulbs

Start with bulb shape. Round. Oblong. Short. Tall. Large. Medium. Small. You have many great options in bulb shape and size.

Read more about bulb shapes and sizes.

LED or Incandescent

Like traditional glass bulbs with filaments?  Their warm glow adds warmth to any gathering. You can repurpose C7 and C9 Christmas lights or choose from round or oblong shapes. Round bulbs come in clear, satin and a huge variety of colors.

LED Bulbs are durable and incredibly energy efficient. They are a favorite of residential and commercial customers across the country. Choose warm white, bright pure white, or one of many different colors.

Choose a color

Warm white is the classic, but a colorful string of round (G50) bistro bulbs can make your backyard area fun.

Choose between incandescent and LED, then pick your favorite shape, size and color of bulb here.

Choose your cords

Choose the cord socket size 

The socket size of the bulb you select tells you which cords to consider for your project. An E12 candelabra base (12mm, standard on C7 bulbs) is the size of a nightlight base. An E17 intermediate base bulb (17mm, standard on C9 bulbs) is just a little larger than E12.  The largest of the socket sizes is the E26 base (26mm) and is the size of a standard light bulb.

Choose the cord spacing. Twelve-inch spacing is standard for outdoor lights but consider that 15, 18, 24 or 36-inch spacing might be a better choice for larger spaces and special projects.

Choose the color

You can choose black, green, or white for many of the cords we carry. (Note that our glass E26 bulbs work best in our black commercial cords.)

Cafe covers are also available for purchase with our black commercial grade cords and will bring a hint of Europe to your patio.

Find our cords with cafe covers plus all of the others here.

Choose Now



White LED Bulbs E26 base

Our Favorite Bulbs for this Spring

Favorite Incandescent Bulb

Incandescent bulbs have a beautiful look like no other bulbs. We chose this bulb as our favorite this season because of the warm light and the classic shape.

White Party Light Bulb, E26 base

Favorite LED Bulbs

It proved too tough to choose a favorite the LED bulb, so we have several favorites to suggest for different purposes.

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