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November 7, 2010
Shellie at Christmas Light Source
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Hi, this is Shellie Gardner over at Christmas Light Source, and can you believe that this wire wrapped around my hand is actually a set of craft lights? It’s amazing. These are white micro drop lights, they’re LEDs. See there’s a little drop of epoxy spaced every three inches on this wire. Let me shut it off for you. It looks just like that. So it looks clear, and it’s completely unobtrusive, but boom, the minute you turn it on it’s a little bright spot of light. They’re called micro drop, but they’re great for any kind of application where you don’t want the extra wire of a traditional LED light.

There’s 18 micro drops to the set. The whole set’s about 66 inches long, and the micro drops are three inches apart. They come in red, yellow, blue, and clear, and this is the clear or white color. And what I found is that they look a little strange, but the more that I work with them, the more I love them. You can see that they hold whatever shape you’d like them to hold, and they work really great in mosaic projects where you don’t want the extra wire, maybe you have a small lantern. They’re also super for accenting bows, and small wreaths, and little table top trees, because you can nestle the lights right in, and it’s really beautiful.

The manufacturer says that they’re supposed to last over 100,000 hours, these little LEDs. On one set of batteries, you can expect to see them last about 150 hours. That’s going to vary, depending on the quality of your batteries. The battery pack, the batteries are not included with these sets, but the battery pack is just slightly larger than three AA batteries. There’s a little on/off switch. They only have steady on or off as options, and each battery pack comes with a little screw, so that if you’re doing this for crafts, and you’re transporting your items, then you don’t have to worry about that battery pack falling off in transport, and it just makes them a little more secure. The battery packs are also the same color like this is the red. The red lights have a red battery pack, and it’s like that for all of the colors.

Well if you have any questions, send us an email at But I think this is a wonderful craft light project with many, many possible applications.

You all have a Merry Christmas, or if it’s in the middle of summer when you’re watching this, be sure and stay cool. But I tell you what, I’m going to sit around now, and enjoy my new hat. Did you notice this? It lights up.

Anyway, you all have a great day, and be sure and check these lights out. They’re under LED Battery Lights at Merry Christmas.

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Shellie Gardner
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