Battery Lights – Are they good for wreaths?

August 30, 2011

Hello! I was just wondering if Battery Operated Mini Lights White Wire Product#: BL-154BATCLRW is the best product to use for wreaths? Look forward to hearing from you. Jennifer

Hi Jennifer,

Those are almost better tailored to short term events but yes, they do work for wreaths. The only issue to consider is the time they stay lit per set of batteries and how often you’d have to switch them out and the associated expense. Rechargeable batteries don’t always have the same brightness as traditional batteries so you’d need to be careful not to assume that they would be effective replacements in battery operated lights.

On the incandescent sets you mention, the batteries will last 4-7 hours per battery pack so you’d need to change the 2 C batteries out almost every day or two.

If you went with a battery operated LED set with 20 bulbs spaced 6 inches apart, then you’d have to change them every 3-5 days. They take 3 AA batteries that last about 18-24 hours per set.

For a smaller wreath, our microdrop lights are rated to last over 125 hours per charge. They have 18 lights that are 3 inches apart. They are really bright. If you didn’t need very many sets, those could be your best wire-less option.

Frankly, if there is any way that you can run a cord, that is the absolute best option you’d have for a wreath.

Hope that helps,

Shellie Gardner
Christmas Lights

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