C7 LED Christmas Lights Video

November 3, 2017

Transcription of C7 LED Christmas light strings video

This is a string of C7 LED Christmas lights. They are pretty wired and the bulbs are eight inches apart. You could run over 80 strings of these in series, for over 1,400 feet of Christmas lighting, which makes them perfect for huge trees and mega big projects.

These are the type of Christmas lights that you might be looking for where it has the separate sockets and bulbs that you attach on 18 gauge wire, but these take advantage of the latest in LED lighting technology.

And so that’s what…So these are like string lights, like what you would associate with Christmas trees for many lights. And I tell you what, we do carry them also in C9 and this shows you the relative size. So this is C7, this is C9, and this is a Ping-Pong ball.

So these come in wide variety of colors and we find that a lot of cities love to use this string of lights for their biggest projects.

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