Can I fix these fun lights with covers?

September 1, 2015
Lit pumpkin lights
Pumpkin lights!!

Do you have a fun string of lights that has fantastic little Santas, pumpkins, Winnebagos or flowers installed over the bulbs?

After a few seasons, you’ll more than likely start losing bulbs on the strings of lights that are installed at the bases of the covers. Since traditional incandescent mini lights have fairly standard bases, consider purchasing new light strings to bring your patio lights back to life.

Here’s a video showing how easy it is.  If the opening at the base of your cover is slightly larger than the base of your light, you might have to use a spot of hot glue to keep your covers in place.

Here’s to giving your beloved flamingo or pepper lights new life!

We’d love to see your restored lights – send us a photo!

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