What Can I Do With One String of Craft Lights?

May 17, 2017


You’ve invited guests over for dinner and the house is feeling a little blah…what to do? This is a quick and inexpensive solution to your problem. It only requires you to keep a string of craft lights in your supply closet! Or, in our case, 4 or 5 strings of craft lights because we love them that much.

In these photos we used both clear and multi-color strings of 15-count bulb craft lights. Each set of these lights comes with a single plug and a 3 foot lead line, so an extension cord is not usually necessary.

We simply laid the lights on our kitchen countertop and wove them around existing items here. If you want more pizzazz, use multi-color lights, as in the second photo. We think it’s kinda fun how they match the colors of the straws in the glass jar. (Genny liked these so much she left them in her kitchen and she plugs in the lights every morning when she turns on the coffee maker.)

In this setting we added a string of lights to a green mason jar and then decided to weave the multi-color lights outside of it.

The fireplace mantle was our next target. Again, we wove the lights around existing items and just brightened up the look. This took us only a couple minutes to do and we think the payoff was big!

Look for ways to bring a little more sparkle to your next dinner party — use craft lights! Our craft lights can be found here in multiple colors and bulb counts.


Genny Holmes
When she is not writing about Christmas lights and celebrations, Genny is most likely to be found reading or attempting to create the world's best tasting cupcake. She loves drinking hot tea, walking on the beach, and playing piano in a band.

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