Can I run these spools 1400 feet and add bulbs? (NO!)

November 16, 2016
A long wooden fence winds through a lush green farm field
A long wooden fence winds through a lush green farm field — waiting for lights!!

Today’s Question: How do I run LED lights along a 1400 foot fence? I’ve heard that I can just run separate bulbs and 18 AWG spools of cords the full distance since they are so low current?

The Answer: NO, NO, NO. (Did I mention, “NO”?) Traditional cords and bulbs on 18 AWG wire cannot be run continuously more than 250 feet in a single circuit no matter what bulb you install.

(Another Christmas light company may have given this gentleman the wrong impression.)

Speaking to any master electrician, you’ll find out that the 18 AWG wiring itself has a maximum line length no matter what bulb is installed.

The only solution for running lights along a 1000+ foot distance is to purchase LED Christmas light strings.

This is what I mean:  LED Christmas Light Strings

They are ultra low current/wattage with specially engineered 3-wire harnesses. Eighty-seven of these C7 pure white LED Christmas light strings CAN be run over 1400 feet. Good news for those longer fencelines and projects.   Here is that great example of what WILL work:  Pure white C7 LED light strings.

Additional helpful note:  Surface mount clips were specifically made for installing lights on fences.

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