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March 10, 2014

breast cancer bracelets

Through the year, customers call to ask about colors of mini lights and light bulbs to use to decorate in colors that are associated with causes that have captured their passions.

For instance, in September, we hear from stores, fun runs and residential users whose lives have been touched by breast cancer for pink lights to display during October.

Here is an introductory list of causes and their colors.  After you pick up a few 100 of those rubber bracelets, think about how you can use lights to highlight your cause.


White represents the cause of safe motherhood, a cause designed to help pregnant women and newborns achieve maximum health. You can see more about the white ribbon alliance.

Cream: The color cream is associated with Spinal Cord injuries and their treatment and cures.

Use white mini lights to decorate for these causes.


Everyone associates February with Valentines and it is embodied by a red heart. Red is the awareness color for heart disease.

In fact, the American Heart Society has declared February as the American Heart Month.

You can always Go Red for Heart Disease and bring attention to heart disease and it’s prevalence among women. Find red mini lights.


Silver is also associated with brain disorders and visual impairment. You can learn more at


Green isn’t just for St Patrick’s Day.

Lime Green: the lime tint of green aids in raising awareness about the disease of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Jade Green: Jade is associated sometimes with envy, although in this case it is associated with compassion. Jade reflects awareness about liver conditions such as hepatitis B and liver cancer.

Find green mini lights for these causes.


Gray is the color used to bring attention to both Asthma and Brain cancer. See all of the causes gray represents.


For those interested in helping others learn about adults with disabilities, this color is the one to choose.


The color can help improve awareness and understanding about the condition of epilepsy.


June is when people start their summer activities and some of those activities are sportive. Gold is the color of getting back into sports. Find yellow lights to accent gold if you are hosting a sports awareness event.


The white clear pearl color is intended to symbolize a clear lung, hence, this ribbon is associated with lung cancer.

Royal Blue

Blue is a positive color reflecting the positive feelings of the summer. Royal blue is a shade intended to shed light on transverse myelitis.

Red, White, and Blue

In addition to being the colors of the Fourth of July and they also are used to honor the tragic shooting at Millard South High School in Omaha, NE. Find red white and blue lights.


Pink ribbons were one of the first colors in a ribbon used to increase awareness and brings attention to breast cancer, a search for a cure and survivors.

Pink and Blue

The dual color help draw concern towards the rare and serious condition of male breast cancer.


Purple is associated with many causes including awareness about Alzheimer’s Disease, cystic fibrosis, and more.

Find pink, purple and blue lights.

Multi Color

Multi Color Puzzle: September is the month children go back to school so a puzzled color may be most appropriate for the month since the color aids in raising awareness about both child development and autism.


Kids sometimes get bullied in school and teal is indicative of anti-bullying awareness.

Teal with white is the color combination to remind us to promote a cure for cervical cancer. Find teal and white bracelets.


Orange makes us think of Halloween’s Orange pumpkins and it can also reflect awareness towards diseases such as ADHD, leukemia, and malnutrition. There is a whimsical component to orange as well. It draws attention to free software giveaways.


Black is the other color associated with Halloween and black also is intended to draw attention to violence against men and transgendered persons.

Denim Blue/Periwinkle/Light Blue

Blue Jeans Denim: Around November, the air starts to get a little chilly. Wearing blue jeans is wise. Equally wise to helping others learn about genetic hereditary diseases, which are associated with this color.

Periwinkle: The innocuous color helps enhance insight into eating disorders.

Light Blue: The color honors those who may be suffering from Prostrate cancer.


The unique color help address the issue of the lack of awareness about rare diseases.

Is there a cause that you support?  Is it honored during a specific month?  What about a special color?

I’ll add to this list as I see your suggestions and hear of more causes and colors.

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