Easy Christmas Lantern Centerpiece with Greenery

November 27, 2017

Note from the Editor:  The Introduction

Introducing, Elizabeth. This is her first post for the blog.  She joined Christmas Light Source working just a few hours a week back in June and now is involved in much of our content development.  We knew that she’d fit in fine around here when Dave and I discovered that she kept “emergency curtain lights” in the back of her minivan. You really just never know when you’ll need a set of those! Tablescapes are one of her favorite project topics.  Elizabeth is a wedding decor designer and enjoys translating her expertise in the wedding and bridal business into different Holidays and celebrations that we are lighting all year long.

She’s also a die-hard Auburn fan.

Elizabeth brings rustic chic to the table, and enjoys finding fantastic bargains, giving new life to decor items that have been in the family for years or are “new to her” and making her house a real family home for her husband Chris and their kids –  two boys and twin girls.


From Elizabeth:

The Project:  Easy Christmas Lantern Centerpiece with Greenery

This year, I’m starting from scratch for table decor so I wanted to focus on simple and easy for our Christmas centerpiece.


  • A lantern – I’ve had this lantern for years but they are easily available at IKEA, craft stores, and thrift stores, keep a few on hand for all sorts of projects
  • Battery lights – for this project I’m using battery fairy lights and LED battery lights to coordinate in the room
  • Floral picks
  • Mistletoe ball
  • Assorted Greenery


The lantern. Grab the glass cleaner. Done.



White fairy lights. Yellow would work as well.  Unwind your set and install fresh batteries.



The mistletoe ball. (I took a moment to see if fake mistletoe works on my husband… and it does.)

This is a key piece in my display because I knew it would be big enough to cover the battery box. I was always taught that a “Lady never tells her secrets.” So I consider any hardware one of my little “secrets.”  Thank goodness for mistletoe and floral moss.  Here are some other ways to hide the battery box by putting it to work.



Layer the greenery in the lantern starting with the tallest piece of decor.

I popped the battery box at the bottom with the switch side up and made sure to evenly light the tallest piece of greenery with lights to spread them out for maximum light distribution. (We don’t need lights in a fat clump!)



Finish off the project by layering the last of the greenery and working the lights in through them.




All that’s left to do is place the lantern in the center of the table and turn the room lights down low.

I am very pleased with how it turned out. (And so are the kids!)



This lantern project would also work well in these ways:

  • bringing Christmas cheer to a dorm room
  • great hostess gift
  • perfect for a friend who lives in an apartment
  • lighting up a guest bathroom counter

We’d love to see how you try this project.  Share your comments below and provide a link to where you’ve posted on instagram!

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