Christmas Light Question: If one bulb goes out will the rest go out?

November 1, 2017


This is a string of traditional Christmas lights. And I’m holding it because I’m about to answer one of the biggest questions we get every season about these specific lights. They’re glass bulbs and people ask me, “If one bulb goes out, will all the others?” Well, I’m here to answer that question.

So, the great thing about these traditional Christmas lights is that in the 1950s, they installed a tiny, little shot wire, It’s about the thickness of a human hair, at the bottom of every bulb. So that if this bulb goes out, all of the others are gonna stay lit. However, if you take one of these bulbs and you pull it out, it’s going to take down your string of lights. So, as long as the sockets and the bulb sockets are intact, if one bulb goes out, the rest are going to be fine. Now, that being said, the minute you see a light burn out on your Christmas light string, be sure to replace it right away. So that means these little extra bulbs and fuses of flasher bulbs that come with your Christmas light strings, gather them all together and properly label them and keep them. And at the end of each season, be like a hawk. Find every bulb that’s gone out and replace it. Because as those bulbs burn out, the same amount of current is running through all of the other bulbs and is going to make your Christmas lights start to go out faster and it’s going to shorten their lifespan.

So, yes. Your lights will stay lit if a bulb goes out. Replace them as soon as you see them go out and enjoy them for as long as possible. I’m Shelly at Christmas Light Source.

Shellie Gardner
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