Christmas Lights and Weddings are a match made in Heaven

April 29, 2011
Mini lights accent a railing at a reception - they happy newlyweds are dancing.
Mini lights make the railings look festive!


May is here, Spring is here and a young man’s fancy turns to love. And a girl and her mother’s thoughts turn to a Spring or Summer wedding 🙂

Everyone seems to be on a budget nowadays – and with good cause – so I hope you consider how Christmas lights can be one of the cheapest ways to decorate without having to dip into the honeymoon fund.

White mini lights on white wire are the most popular lights for receptions since they blend in with white tents, gazebos, arches and many traditional structures you see at Churches and Halls. Use them to swirl around tent poles, small trees, and swag them wrapped in organza along banisters.

Mini lights look great run back and forth across the ceiling of your reception tent. They light they cast is warm and makes everyone look great!

Mini lights accent a wedding reception tent
Don’t these simply hung lights make this wedding tent look great?

If you are really lucky, you’ll have the mini lights you need packed away with your Christmas decoration in the attic. If you don’t and you need to go shopping, you may not find many in the stores but you should be able to find lights most times of the year online. Mini lights are now available in a wider variety of colors so you might want to combine white lights with the secondary color you’ve picked. Popular colors for weddings have been pink, purple and teal. Red’s been done for February weddings and we’ve heard of a green wedding or two in March. Mini Lights combine cost efficiency and variety  with maximum wow factor.

To outline tents and hang in trees, consider C7 or C9 cords and bulbs. They give off more light and with a spacing average of 12 inches, installation is easier and the bulbs at 5 watts and 7 watts give off a lot of lights.

Curtain lights are like icicle lights but the strands that hang down are 5 or 6 fee long and make a “square” of lights. Behind shear curtains, they have a magical effect for the trouble of hanging one set of lights.

So considering the cost of the caterer, the flowers, the rentals and the cake, for a measly $200 or so, you can really brighten up your wedding and reception.

And be sure to make it fun!

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