Christmas Lights for Camping

October 28, 2008

Just a couple of weeks ago we went camping with our children and a few families and we decided it would be a great time to see what our Christmas lights would look like while roughing it – in our pop ups!

We had access to electricity so we could test out C9 Christmas lights sets, 12 volt sets, LED Christmas light sets and rope lights.

(There is no internet while you are camping so, I had to do something to stay busy LOL)

Here is what traditional C9 lights looked like on our pop-up. (Thankfully, it’s alot cooler at night now in TX than it was 3 months ago.)

And here you can see them close up:

Close up shot of multi C9 Christmas lights on a pop up camper!

The C9’s were very festive – bright and colorful.

Then we decided to go crazy and put some rope lights on Brian’s pop up camper (his is newer and much more swanky than ours!). They were bright and really lit the place up. Of all the lights we tried, the rope lights were the brightest. Later, Brian tucked them under the edge of the awning and the rope lights looked really “glowy” like that. (BTW, Brian like them so much we told him to keep them as part of his camping gear.)

Rope Lights on a Camper

Then we tried the LED light sets that we had brought along. Here is a photo of the warm white C7 LED Christmas lights – they really were bright as the sun went down. (In case you didn’t know, LED Christmas lights are the world’s hardest thing to get a picture of and since I forgot my tripod… oh, well.)

Warm White C7 LED Christmas Lights

And close up……

C7 LED Christmas Lights

We saved the best for last – this is the first year that Holiday Creations has manufactured 12 Volt LED light sets with plug adapters for the car. We took some of the conical sets in multi and pure white and hung them up. You can see that the sun has completely set and now the lights look super bright since my shutter speed is 3 seconds. (The lights are bright – but the thing about LED sets is that they are lights to see but not see by.)

Multi 12 volt LED Christmas Lights

12 Volt LED Christmas lights in pure white with conical lenses.

Close up shot of conical 12 Volt set

We like the 12 volt sets because if we hadn’t had electricity, then they would have been perfect. We just plugged the sets into our truck cigarette lighter.

It was too hard to pick a clear winner. The only thing we all decided on was that it was alot of fun having lights on our camp out.

And that beanie-wienie is the best camping dinner ever.

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