Christmas Lights for Restaurants – Rodeo Goat, Fort Worth

April 4, 2013

I recently took 100 multi color light bulbs to the completely fun Rodeo Goat in Fort Worth.  From the photo, you can see that they needed a few replacements <smile>.

Strings of C9 lights in multi colors hang along the interior gates that give this restaurant/bar a real stock yards feel.  Bypassing a more sophisticated neutral palette, the design team at this hang-out has pulled out all the stops and gone with blue, green, orange, pink and red.

The different colors add to the party feel.

Christmas lights are a quick and inexpensive way to highlight a restaurant’s architecture and add indirect light that’s great for conversation but doesn’t highlight the bags under your date’s eyes.  <Always a good thing in my estimation.>

A lighting plan configured with bulbs and cords lets you adjust the color of the lights based on season.  I see green lights for St Patricks day next year and maybe a little red, white and blue for the summer.

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Shellie Gardner
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