Customer Photo: Light your mini van back window with 12 volt lights!

November 22, 2018


We really smiled when these photos arrived in our email inbox.

Eli has always wanted to light the back window of her minivan with lights and sent us these photos of her process.

Installing the lights INSIDE on the windows keeps them out of the wind and rain and it incredibly bright – even through window tinting.

Window tinting.  Be careful if you decide to install lights on the inside of your window. Don’t use any kind of adhesive that might damage your window tint and be sure to test a small out of the way corner of your window before you get started.


  • warm white 12-volt LED lights on white wire
  • custom car vinyl from etsy or from your friend who has a vinyl cutter (everyone has one)
  • glue dots or painters or electrical tape
  • duct tape

The Process

Use a little tape to secure the wiring of the 12-volt light to your mini van if you have to keep it out of the way of little feet.

Installation is easy when there is an accessory plug by the back window.



It was a fun family project. We love the vinyl, perfect for the Christmas season. We see that someone has thrown caution to the wind and is using hot glue. Do this at your own risk. We’ve mentioned this twice.

This would be a perfect project to highlight vinyl highlighting your business.



Here is a closeup of the bulbs attached using glue dots.  These won’t work as well as hot glue but hot glue is almost sure to lift your window tint.  Use hot glue on side tint-free window.



We really love this. Do you plan to try this Season?  Be sure to post your comments and share on Instagram @christmaslightsource








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