Get This Look: Warm White LED Light strings on Trees!

November 29, 2018


Get this look!

We love the way these trees look wrapped with warm white LED light strings.


These trees were lightly wrapped with warm white 5mm Christmas light strings.

The customer used between 12 and 15 sets of lights per treetop and 8-12 strings per trunk.

Estimating how many strings

Estimate the number of strings required by walking and estimating the number of feet needed to light a circle around the largest part of the tree.

Then based on the shape of the tree – how much it varies  (increases or decreases) from the maximum diameter, estimate – as you work your way up and down away for the center – how many feet of lights per spiral roatation will be required.

How many spirals will depend solely on your taste.  The tighter the spiral, the brighter the tree.

Going old school and wrapping the wides part of the tree with a piece of twine for measuring purposes might help with your estimation of how many lights to purchase.

If in doubt, if you have time, purchase a few strings of lights to test out on your tree before making a final purchase.

For measuring the trunk of the tree, measure the diameter and estimate how many spirals you’ll want to wind and then add 10-15% of that distance for the extra lights required to spiral up.

Attaching lights to the tree

Many styles of trees may not need tree clips to keep the lights attached but for trees with fairly smooth limbs, they’ll help secure the lights.  Find them here:  Tree clips

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