Customer Project: Using 12 volt lights with a battery

June 15, 2018

Tad reviewed our 12 volt lights like this and I instantly replied with a, “Hey! Please send me a photo!”

Product Name: 12 Volt LED Light Set Pure White Green Wire
Headline: Works great
Name: Tad
Location: Vancouver
Review: I used these lights to border the words on a sign. There is a 12V deep cycle lead acid battery and a motorcycle turn signal flasher to make them blink.
Rating: 5

Tad kindly sent us photos of his project.

Twelve volt light strings are great for applications that don’t have easy access to a 120 volt outlet.  A great solution for the following types of applications:

  • Wedding cake table
  • Parades
  • County and State Fairs
  • Craft shows
  • Exhibitor booths of all kinds

Here are the comments Tad included with his photos:

Here are photos you requested. I used a trailer wiring harness kit and the cables were much longer than I needed so I still have some work to do cleaning up the wiring.

The plastic outlet box is bolted to the counter. The cigarette lighter type outlet is bolted to the plastic outlet box. The outlet box contains three switches, one fuse and one motorcycle turn signal flasher to make the Christmas lights blink. One switch turns on the Christmas lights, one turns on an interior light, and one turns on a light that illuminates the outside sign.
A motorcycle turn signal flasher makes them blink.
The 12-volt deep cycle battery weighs 44 pounds and is in a plastic battery box. One photo shows a charger.
Here are the photos.
If you are inspired to use 12-volt lights in a non-traditional way, we look forward to seeing your photos!





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