Customer Question: Do you have red lights for my chicken coop?

September 24, 2015
Row chickens in blue henhouse on stick
Aren’t these chickens cute?

Here is today’s customer question:

I am looking for red LED lights that I can use in my chicken house, they need to run off a battery, any suggestions? Thank you

Adding red light to a chicken coop can extend their laying time when the winter days get shorter. 

You can see more about chickens and red lights at this post at backyard chickens about chickens and red lights.

(My husband and I have a lovely urban flock of hens. Who knew she was asking just the right person?!)

The absolute best choice would be a 120 volt set of LED lights that could be plugged into out outlet or extension cord but if that’s just not an option a 12 volt battery set is a nice alternative.

LED lights are a great choice because they work without heating up the coop.  That’s important here in Texas.

Here is the information I emailed her:

The best choice might be to run one of these sets of lights off of a car or marine battery.  (You’d have to bring it to 120 volts to keep it charged.)

The lights only require .01 amps per string so it might last a while between charges depending on that battery you choose.

Standard battery lights just aren’t bright enough or last long enough for this application.  You’d have to purchase a ton of battery lights and change them out every other day.

Hope that helps.  Let me know if you have any other questions.

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If you have an outlet, try a set of Red LED lights.

If you’ve used string lights in  your chicken coop and had good results in the form of more omelettes be sure to let us know in the comments!


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