Decorated Bottles for American Cancer Society Dinner

March 13, 2014

battery lights in wine bottles

The American Cancer Society sponsored a Survivor Dinner for cancer
survivors and caregivers on Wed. May 29, 2013 at the Cultural Arts Center in
East Brunswick.

I was happy to receive a phone call from Dolores, one of the ladies helping with the event.  One of her projects for the dinner was to put her craft skills to the test and created these wonderful bottles that will be used as part of the centerpieces for the event.

We were happy to donate the battery lights for her event since it benefited cancer survivors.

Delores normally makes these types of lights for craft fairs so she knew the ins and outs of decorating them for this event.

The decorated bottles will be given as gifts at the end of the event.

Incandescent 15-light battery operated lights with white wire were used in this project.  You can see the battery packs peeking out from behind some of the bottles on the left.  It’s just a little bigger than the 2 C batteries that you need to use for these sets.

Dolores also used purple ribbons and purple glass nuggest in the bottom of the bottles.  By changing the colors, you can make the bottles color appropriate for lots of different events.

Thanks, Dolores for sharing your photos and I’m sure the dinner will be a great success.

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