Decorating a birthday party with string lights!

July 12, 2008


You’re planning another birthday party. You’ve been to the party stores and the department stores for paper decorations. The cake is ordered and the invitations have been sent. However, something is missing. The paper decorations alone just don’t seem to be enough. Why not bring a fun, festive and unique flair to your birthday party by decorating with your Christmas lights? Pull them out of storage, they are the perfect addition to any party decor.

Decorating for birthday parties doesn’t have to be typical or boring any longer. Use your imagination to utilize mini string lights in every way possible for your next birthday party. Here are a few ideas for incorporating mini lights into your birthday party decorations.

Princess Party

Does your daughter love to dress up and pretend she is a princess? Throw her a princess birthday party. Decorate the doorways with pink and white tulle. Then, intertwine pink mini lights around the tulle to outline the doorway. Continue the theme into the party room. Use the same idea to decorate the front of the buffet table and cake table. The gift table would look beautiful with pink and clear mini lights swagged around it against a pink tablecloth. Drape pink mini lights from the ceiling of the party room to add more color. Or, it would be simple to alternate crepe paper and mini lights across the ceiling.

Pirate Party

Boys love pirates! Purchase or make a large treasure chest. Decorate it with orange or clear mini lights. Fill it with fake gems and treasures. Perhaps include the game prizes in here too. Are you really creative? Make a cardboard pirate ship in the front yard and deck it out with clear mini lights. This would be especially fantastic for an evening birthday party!

It’s a Fiesta!!

For a fiesta themed birthday party, decorate with our multi colored mini lights. Birthday parties for younger children aren’t the same without a piñata. Create a circle on the ceiling with multi colored mini lights and then hang the piñata right in the middle of the circle. Hang a curtain of multi colored mini lights in the doorway where the children walk into the party room. Place a few blow-up cactus plants around the party room and use either multi or clear mini lights to wrap the cactus and pool some lights at the bottom of the pot.

Sweet 16

A Sweet 16 birthday party isn’t complete without pink and purple mini lights decorating the doorways, windows, food table, and even the sidewalks leading into your home or into the party room. Create the number “16” on a wall with mini lights. Perhaps put pictures of the teen growing up in and around the lit up number.

Create a flower garland light with the birthday girl’s favorite colors.  See instructions here.

Skip the funny black balloons and light things up instead

Decorating for birthday parties for people turning 40, 50 and older sometimes seem to always focus on black items. Why not approach those milestone birthdays a bit differently? Instead of “grieving” the birthday age, celebrate it!


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