DIY Wine Cork Craft!

August 1, 2018



Have a bowl of wine cork you’ve been saving for a project?

Have you been saving those wine cork from the bottle of wine you drink on your anniversary?

Are you looking for a fun way to accent your bar cart?

This project is for you.



The battery lights. We chose pure white for this project.



A milk can styled vase from a local hobby store



Corks!  If you don’t have a stash, throw a few parties!



Wrap the first cork a few times with lights. This will serve as your anchor cork. Then continue to pour the corks in with the lights.



A close up look of the lights and corks.



Add a stem of faux flowers.



A great bar cart accent sans the flowers.





Christmas Light Source Design Team
We are always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to make all of life's occasions brighter. Always ready with lighting tips, tricks, and easy projects. Join us often as we bring projects from our design lab, share customer projects, and look forward to Christmas all year long.

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