DIY light backdrop hanging methods

September 24, 2018


Hi Susan,

Product Name: White Net Lights on White Wire
Submitter’s Name: Susan

Question: Can these be used behind a backdrop? Any suggestions on hanging them?

Yes, these can be used as a backdrop either singly or connected together with wire-ties depending on the area of the space you’d like to cover.
Also, check out our curtain lights. We enjoy using them in this application as well:
Choice of installation hardware or methods for either type of set will all depend on where you are installing them.
Alongside a beam
If you are installing the lights along a beam or on a photo backdrop stand then velcro ties work well.  Wire ties are also a great choice but you have to have scissors to take them down.
From a photographic backdrop  
I’ve also installed them behind sheers on a photographic background stand using clear shower curtains so you don’t have to poke anything through the curtain.
Along walls
For walls, several heavy duty command hooks can be a great solution. The lights can be heavy so you have to use more hooks than you’d expect but this is a nice alternative to anything that might damage the walls.
Permanent installation
If permanent installation is no problem or you are installing in a rustic environment, you might consider cup hooks or nails to just drape the light sets/nets over.
Hope this helps!  Let us know if you have other questions!
Shellie Gardner
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