DIY: Lighting a Patio for Family Friday Nights with Round Bulbs and Magnetic Clips

June 14, 2019

Every Season is a good time to hang out with family on the back patio. In Texas, we love bundling up during the winter months as much as we love relaxing with a margarita in the heat of August. The biggest benefit of winter is that there are very few mosquitos!

Jeff and Michelle were kind enough to photograph and share photos of their party lights. Using round, glass bulbs, cords with E17 bases – the style used to install C9 Christmas lights – and magnetic clip, they have transformed their backyard space.

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DIY: Lighting a Patio for Graduation Parties!

Lighting a Patio with Round Bulbs and Magnetic Clips

Shellie Gardner


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Installation Tips

When working with glass bulbs, always order an extra box. Breakage happens.

Test your patio or flashing with a magnet to make sure it doesn’t just “look like metal”.

Install clips at a rate of every bulb to every 3-4 bulbs

These clips only work with traditional 18-AWG lamp cord style lights. The clips snug onto the bottom of the sockets and the wire loops under the side clips that secure the hold. They aren’t a great fit for light strings with multi-wire harnesses.

Now, we’ll stop talking and show the photos!!!

In this installation, the homeowner chose to swag alternate bulbs with a clip on every other socket. What a great look!

Using an adapter and an outlet tied to a switch makes it super-easy to power the lights and turn them on and off from inside the house.

The clips.

Ready for the Party!!!

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Shellie Gardner
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