DIY: Upcycle Umbrella Project

April 2, 2019

In the spirit of Marie Kondo, this project transforms a few things that don’t spark joy into a project that makes us all smiles.

I have had this project on my bucket list for some time and Spring has given me a reason to put it together. These are materials you probably already have on hand – or find someone’s treasure that have been released to a yard sale, thrift store or the lucky estate sale in your neighborhood.

Join me as I’m always on the lookout for items to transform into bases for craft project pieces – and how easy it is to make them really sparkle with lights!


Faux Flowers. Loved this arrangement for a season but the vase has a crack. Rather than recycle, it’s time to deconstruct and give the tulips a new life for Spring.

Umbrella – the retro vibe and cheery pattern is perfect.

Micro LED Battery Lights – we chose warm white for this project but pure white would have been a fine choice as well.

White Paint – available at your local craft or hobby store. Don’t forget to pick up a small brush.

Pipe Cleaner – so handy. I hope you have a stash of these in your craft stash.

Ribbons. Match the colors in your umbrella.


Deconstruct the vase. See how sad it is that the bottom of the vase was broken? Time to finish breaking and release the flowers from their fake water.


Clip the flowers at their bases!

Hot glue made it easy to create a tip since the previous one had been lost.

Painting the hot glue gives the illusion of a tip.

Wind the battery lights in the tines of the umbrella.

Wrapping the umbrella handle lights the flowers from the inside.

Tuck in the flowers.

Turning the lights on as you go helps with placement.

Next, I tied the umbrella with its natural velcro strap. Added the pipe cleaner for extra durability, and tied a bow on top. I somehow missed taking these pictures.

Here is the completed project. I absolutely love it.

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Elizabeth May
Elizabeth loves to host any gathering or party, Hospitality is her gift. When not at her church, Elizabeth can be found playing a competitive European board game. She enjoys SEC College Football, maybe even a bit too much (WAR EAGLE!) Originally from the deep south, Elizabeth along with her husband and four teenage children have called Fort Worth home for several years.

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