Where can I find replacement LED Bulbs?

June 15, 2017

Question: Hello. I need replacement clear bulbs for flashing/twinkling led mini (M5) Christmas lights. Do you (or can you) sell these? Thank you.

Quick Answer: No one makes universal LED bulb replacements

Long Answer: I’m sorry, we don’t carry anything like that at this time. LED lights strings vary greatly in electrical specifications and base styles so your chances of finding a replacement LED bulb has the highest chance of success if you find the original manufacturer of you lights strings and either purchase replacement bulbs or a couple of extra strings.

You might consider sacrificing one string to “donate” bulbs to all the others.

Be sure to keep your LED light strings plugged into a surge protector to protect them from surges on the line. As a note, GFCI plug does not filter out surges caused by things like dirty power created by hydroelectric power, or lighting strikes, or …… exploding transformers in your neighborhood.



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