Get This Look: Classic red and White Glass Christmas Bulbs

December 9, 2020

We hear this display inspired the neighbors. Many thanks to our customer who shared this photo, we hope you are inspired as well.

This home’s high impact is due to the C9 Christmas light cord filled with white (transparent) and red transparent bulbs. At 7 watts per bulb, they are the bright bulbs we all remember growing up.

Always be sure to order an extra box or two when working with traditional glass incandescent bulbs. Save the boxes they come in for safe storage for another season.

Get This Look: Classic Red and White Glass Christmas Bulbs 550 Bulbs!

Shellie Gardner


Installation Tips

  • The 25 and 50 foot cords in this configuration are run out from an extension cord in opposite directions (like a T). Since the 25 foot cord is 20 AWH and the 50-foot cord is 18 AWG, they shouldn't be run in series together.
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Shellie Gardner
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