Get This Look: Teal mini lights to light a roofline

November 24, 2020

We’ve noticed quite a trend in outlining rooflines with strings of smaller bulbs.

Matt did a lovely job. We love the color.


  • 4 strings of teal mini lights, Matt used light strings with white wire and the bulbs are spaced 2.5 inches apart to give a more defined line to the project
  • Clips, we like these All-in-One clips because they work with just about any light string. You can pinch the ends over one another and clip onto a mini lights bulb


  • Keep in mind that incandescent Christmas tree lights can run 210 watts in any single circuit. That’s basically a total of 500 bulbs. So, if you are running together sets of 100 bulbs, don’t exceed 5 strings of lights and don’t exceed 10 strings for a set of 50 bulbs.
  • Use any style of shingle clip that allows you to cross the tips to clamp onto the base of mini light. In addition to the All in One clip mentioned above, we also like these All Application Clip that has a notch that snugs around the bases of smaller bulbs. They can also be used for larger C7 or C9 cords as well.
  • Keep the location of your nearest outlet in mind as you install your lights. If no outlet is available but there is a lantern next to the front door that uses a standard bulb, use a socket adapter like this brown socket adapter with a chain, to power your light strings.
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Shellie Gardner
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