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January 14, 2021
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Customer review of the All Application Clips used in this project:

Hands down the most durable and multipurpose clip in the industry. We are professional holiday lighting installers and exclusively use this clip. Made in USA! Never have to worry about on the clip or off the clip when hanging. Just slide it over and BAM gutter or BAM shingle! Flawless bulb position every time! No need to worry about adjusting to get that perfectly straight hang line, it’s already built in!

This clip is a good choice because it works with 18 AWG cords (parallel, lamp cord style wiring), sets with smaller bases (like LED Christmas lights), icicle, and curtain lights. They work at the shingle edge and flipped to work on standard gutters. Little teeth on the edges of the clips keep them in place under shingles. The little hook at the end of the “clippy” part that is on top of shingle is designed to hold icicle lights and can also hold 18 AWG loosely if your plan is to create a light scallop or “swag” instead of a precise line.

The ends of the “pinchers” can be overlapped to hold lights with small bases like Christmas tree and LED light strings.

Here are closeup photos of that clip:

Clipped onto a traditional C7 bulb installed in an 18 AWG cord.

Be sure to order a clip for every bulb in your project to snap the lines into sharp outlines.

Wondering what other kinds of clips are available? Head over to see our full line of professional grade Christmas light clips and hooks.

Here is the recipe for other suggested products for a project like this.

Stunning Home Outlined with Warm White LED Bulbs

Christmas Light Source Design Team
This project used LED bulbs and cords installed with All Application Clips.



Be sure not to run 18 AWG Christmas light cord (lamp cord style wiring) longer than 250 feet no matter what kind of bulbs are used. 
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