Hiding the Battery Box in Your Craft Projects

March 14, 2017


Background:  Planning a great wedding centerpiece? Lighting up a lantern with battery lights? A question we hear over and over is, “How do you suggest I hide the battery box?”

Answer: Try moss!

Readily available at hobby stores, florists and your nearest well-stocked dollar store, moss is perfect for hiding an unsightly battery pack.

The Project


  • Lantern – ours is from IKEA
  • Set of battery lights – for this project we chose battery fairy lights
  • Dried moss from the hobby store

Step 1

Pop the battery box into the bottom of the lantern.

Step 2

Add moss.

Step 3

Add more moss.


Step 4

Add even more moss.  Don’t be stingy.

Step 5

Finish off with moss.

Step 6

Add your lantern to a tablescape or centerpiece.


Have another favorite way to hide the battery box?  Share photos of your projects below!


The Recap

Shellie Gardner
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