How can I customize Christmas light colors?

March 13, 2014
C9 bulbsYour favorite team is playing this week.  You’re decorating for a prom.  Perhaps you’d like multi-color lights but you don’t want traditional – you’d like teal, purple, pink and yellow.
You’d like customized colors in for a party or for the Holidays.  I’d like to give you some ideas for customizing your display.
Switch Bulbs in Mini Light Strings
1.  Order identical mini light strands and switch out the bulbs.  Don’t plan to order 5 different colors of mini lights and switch out the bulbs.  This is a project for just a couple of strands of lights.  (You want to keep the skin on your thumb and forefingers where it belongs.)
You have to have identical strands – both in number of bulbs and base type.  Then you’ll know that the bulbs have the same ratings and can be interchanged.
You do run the risk of bending one of the contact leads on the mini light bulbs so make sure to plug in your light strand every 10 bulb changes or so to make sure everything is in working order.
2.  Don’t plan to cut up a strand of mini lights and run it with another.  Not only does cutting the strand void it’s warranty but mini lights are wired in series and operate at low amperage. Whether incandescent or LED, most of the sets will stop working if you try to physically modify them.
Use Bulbs and Cords
1.  Use individual retrofit cords and bulbs.  We carry a ton of traditional C7 and C9 bulbs and have cords with green and white wire that you can purchase to make your own sets.
You can purchase new stringer wire or if you have your own from prior seasons, you can retrofit C7 or C9 bulbs in new colors into the strand.
You can even choose LED bulbs as well.  Nice thing is, not only can you choose traditional C7 or C9, you can also find LED versions is different diameters of round shape as well.  (That’s G30, G40 and G50.)  Round light bulbs are a great accent for parties and restaurants.
So, you can choose your colors, grab a cup of coffee and install them in any color combination or pattern that you like.
Choose different colors simultaneously for your installation
For mini lights and pre-wire LED sets, you can purchase sets in your favorite colors and offset them.  I’d go with 6 inch spacing and offset them by 3 inches.  That means you might have a green and a red bulb every 3 inches.  You can take this approach as you outline objects.
Or you can run the strings individually on your Christmas tree and start the light installation at different places on the tree and wind them up about 6 inches apart. Very lovely.
Don’t settle for ho-hum when it comes to your party and Holiday lighting.  Make your project personal by choosing and combining different colors.

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