How can I install Christmas lights on shingles and gutters?

November 22, 2014

We receive the question regularly about installing Christmas lights under both under shingles and on gutters.

Good news, all of the clips in our All-in-One series, multi-application and all-application clips can be used:

  • Along the edges of the shingles
  • On your gutters

Here is a photo of our All in One Clip Plus installed at the shingle edge.

Just snap the clip to the socket then slide it under the shingle edge.


all in one clip plus


Now see how you can just flip them over and they work perfectly along a common gutter edge. (Not for use on covered¬†or “leaf guard” gutter systems.)

See our leaf screen gutter clip for that type of application.

Notice that the bottom of the clip is smaller to accommodate the smaller bases of pre-wired LED Christmas light sets with tiny bases and mini lights.

Without a set installed:



With a pre-wired set installed:



Our all application clip at work!


You can see our entire line of All in One clips in our Christmas light clip and hook category.

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