Our lights in action: Adding light to a barn!

October 28, 2014
Lovely Barn in the Woods
A Lovely Barn!

Using Lights to Add Sparkle to a Barn!

Thank you to Doug and Linda for sending us photos of how they are lighting their barn with LED lights.

They don’t wait for Christmas for the fun but keep them up to make everything look cheery during the off-season as well.

The lights in this photo are multi color C7 LED light strings.

Here they are lit up.  I have to tell you, LED lights are HARD to photograph and look the way you see them. I love that the lights add a cheery feeling to the barn and accent it’s lovely lines.

Barn with LED lights
You can see how the lights outline the door and add a festive glow.

Let us know how you use lights all year long!!

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