I need to replace the lights on my yard sculpture – help!

March 13, 2014
Customers call us every week asking about how to repair or replace the lights on their Christmas 3D graphic yard sculptures.
Troubleshooting Tips
  1. If you have the replacement bulbs that came with your yard art, use them to replace any bulbs that might have become unseated during storage. Visually check to see if any bulbs have become even partly unseated.  While mini lights will stay lit if one bulb burns out, the circuit will be broken if a light has fallen out.
  2. For any lights strings that are completely out, check the fuses for each set.  An overload or energy surge may have blown them.  Usually, there is a little door in each male plug.  Slide it back and confirm that the fuses are intact.  If the fuse is good, a little wire will be running from the top to the bottom of the fuse.  If one of the little filaments is broken, change out the fuse.  If that solves your problem, you’re in business.
  3. Examine the wiring of your lights.  If you see wear or exposed copper, remove that set and re-test the remaining sets to see if they are functional.  Never plug in a set of lights if you see any type of degradation in your light’s electrical wiring.
If the reason for the light failure isn’t obvious, don’t remove and reinsert bulbs.  You’ll only end up with sore fingers and possibly make problems worse.
If none of the measures above solve your problem, it may be time to consider replacing your lights.
  1. If your yard frame is 1/4 inch in diameter, you can use lights with built in clips.  You can confirm the size of your frame by either measuring a clip that was used to install the old lights or by measuring the frame.  An easy way to get an accurate measurement is to snug down an adjustable wrench on to the frame then measure the width of the opening.
  2. If your sculpture or frame is not 1/4 inch then you’ll need to purchase standard mini lights and use a separate method to attach the lights.
    • If you can-reuse clips that came with the sculpture, try that.  Plastic degrades in sunlight so this may or may not be an option.
    • You can install your lights with zip ties.  This isn’t a perfect option but after you get into a rhythm, it works.  Be sure to allow for a good deal of time and use a stool or you’ll end up with a sore back.
    • You can also use our clips for yard sculpture.  They come in a wide variety of diameters and quantities.  One side of the clip fits a standard mini light bulb and the other side is the measurement noted on the clip.  Choose black or white to match your frame.  These clips position the bulbs parallel – or with the run – of the frame.
Hopefully, this will help you as you get your deer, Santa and your snowmen back in shape for the upcoming season.

2 thoughts on “I need to replace the lights on my yard sculpture – help!”

  1. i have 6 yard prices that are well made from wire and through the years they don’t work i checked all fuses bulb they were expenses and i would like to get them rewired with new lights do you know of any one or company that dose that
    many thanks Ed

    1. Hi Ed,

      We sure don’t. We are rewiring a nativity set now with white mini lights and sculpture clips. We’ll be posting a blog soon showing how quick and easy this can be if you remember to install the light strings as you remove them.


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