LED Battery Operated Lights for Wreaths

September 28, 2008

I’m so glad that we finally found a great source for LED battery operated lights (over here at Christmas Light Source). The sets that came in last year have 5 micro-screws that secured the battery cover to the case and the battery connection was set up for AA batteries but you had to use a 9 volt – ouch – so we sent them all back and had to wait another year for another LED choice.

The 2008 lights are great! We were able to get them in 5mm (conical shaped – that’s the term used to describe them but they look like a tiny cylinder), M5 and SM5 (small M5 shapes).

We’re loading them on the website now and the pictures are coming along nicely and will be loaded up soon as well.

The battery pack has an easy to use slide off cover and each set takes 3 AA batteries. These LED light sets have 20 LEDs spaced about 5 inches apart.

The charge never lasts as long as we would like but after 24 hours of operation, the multi sets are still lit with dimmer blue and green bulbs. Funny thing about battery operated lights is that they don’t just go out all at once but the bulbs fade individually. Whenever folks write in that they have a problem with a mini light set – and it happens every once in a while but not too often – we usually ask them to try another set of fresh batteries and that fixes the problem most of the time.

Some of the places I like to use LED battery mini light sets are:

  • Wreaths
  • Centerpieces
  • Banquet Tables
  • Parade Hats, floats and horses
  • On a boat when 12 V Access is inconvenient
  • Classroom projects
  • Christmas Villages

I’ll be posting more application photos and a video of these light sets soon!

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