Are LED C9 twinkle bulbs as bright as my own C9 twinkle bulbs?

August 21, 2014



I am looking at this style of bulb – yellow LED C9 Twinkle bulb – in the colors of Red, Blue, Green, Purple and Yellow.

Could you tell me if their brightness from a side view of the bulb is the same as a regular incandescent C9 light bulb? I am trying to match OR better the brightness of my current display with these bulbs.

Thanks in advance for your help, Dean S.



You’ve asked a great question. LED bulbs just don’t have the same ‘light throw’ as traditional lights.

They won’t match or beat the brightness of traditional incandescent 7-watt C9 bulbs.

They’ll last longer if you connect your strands to a surge protector, won’t break during installation and will use 90% less electricity.

The colors are also rich and saturated and resistant to fading because the color is in the polycarbonate material and not a paint.

But to get maximum brightness, incandescent is still the stronger choice.

Hope that helps as you are planning your Christmas display for your upcoming season.

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