LIfe’s a Beach – Beach Centerpiece on a Pedastal

April 13, 2018


This centerpiece focuses on the beauty of natural colors. We think the white looks elegant on any table.




Battery Fairy Lights are perfect for table centerpieces. Hide the battery box and never worry about hiding a power cord in the center of your table again.


What’s not to love about this container?

Fairy lights and their battery box drop down inside perfectly.


Beautiful Sea Glass. Look for these the next time you go on vacation. Another excuse to walk along the shoreline!


If you are not on a vacation at the beach, seashells can be purchased at a variety of stores.


Any type of pedestal will do, we just happen to like this beautiful cake plate.


We installed our lights flat on the pedestal. Added our white candle holder with a set of lights in the center, and then sprinkled sea shells and sea glass around the edge.


The look is stunning up close,


and far away.

Share your creations with us, you never know, you might just see yourself featured on our website, or social media outlets. #christmaslightsource

Christmas Light Source Design Team
We are always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to make all of life's occasions brighter. Always ready with lighting tips, tricks, and easy projects. Join us often as we bring projects from our design lab, share customer projects, and look forward to Christmas all year long.

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