Light a Rustic Grapevine Wreath!

November 30, 2017

It’s the time of year when we love to settle into our homes.

Maybe its the time change or maybe it’s because the holidays get closer,  or maybe it is because we know Christmas is right around the corner. All I know is as soon as October 1st hits, I long for warm coffee, sweaters, boots, family and friends coming to visit, and fall decorations.

What could be more welcoming than a grapevine wreath?


  • Grapevine wreath – purchased at your local hobby or craft store or make your own
  • Floral accents
  • String of LED Battery lights
  • Wired ribbon for a bow or a pre-tied bow


I live in Texas so I don’t get a true Fall. But I make the most of it. This year I decided to take my grapevine that had to be pruned and make my own wreaths. I soaked them in round barrels overnight and then twisted them together.

I love how they turned out. If you don’t have grapevine in your backyard, head to a craft store with your 50% off coupon ready and buy your favorite size.



Fall floral accents.  Found these at my local big box craft store.



Arrange the Fall decor pieces on the wreath.   Then twist and hot glue everything into place.



I think it turned out lovely. And I am really pleased with the price.



However, one thing to know about me is that I love a good battery light set. These LED battery lights are just one of my favorites. So if the wreath looked good before, it can only be made better with lights.



Aren’t they just beautiful? These are warm white. They’ll blend in with the incandescent lights I’m using on my front porch in my galvanized bucket project.



I wrapped the the lights around the wreath and hid the battery box behind the bow.



While I think it turned it just like I pictured in my mind, it was missing something….lights on the bow!



For this part of the project, I used a special kind of light, the battery fairy light. These lights are dreamy and come in a variety of colors. I love them all, please don’t ever make me choose just one. I have a confession.  I keep a set in the map pocket of my minivan.

Wrap the lead wire a couple of times around the battery box since we don’t need the extra length for this project.



It was easy to intertwine the lights with the bow. It did make me wonder what it would look like to tie them into the bow. I plan to try that on another project..stay tuned.


Closeup of the lights in the bow.




The finished wreath! Stunning!


How are you adding light to your wreath? Have one already on your door?

Add light to make it sparkle.  We’d love to see your photos.

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Elizabeth May
Elizabeth loves to host any gathering or party, Hospitality is her gift. When not at her church, Elizabeth can be found playing a competitive European board game. She enjoys SEC College Football, maybe even a bit too much (WAR EAGLE!) Originally from the deep south, Elizabeth along with her husband and four teenage children have called Fort Worth home for several years.

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