“Light up” a Fireplace with Chasing Lights Christmas Lights

October 11, 2017

Live in Texas or the Tropics?   Wearing shorts for Halloween?

We love using red and orange chasing lights to create fake fire – all of the fun and none of the heat.

Or soot.  Or ashes.

Materials List

We’ve made fire with chasing red with chasing orange and with chasing orange and steady burning yellow.

Patricia took our advice and tried this for her fireplace and sent us this great photo and left a happy review.

Product Name: Chasing Orange Mini Lights
Headline: Super item!
Name: Patricia R.
Location: VA
Review: I wanted twinkle lights but the gentleman suggested i try the running lights & he was right. they work perfectly! i didn’t even unwind them but set the entire group in the back of our unused fireplace behind the artificial logs. Very nice! Service is great!
Rating: 5

And just in time for Halloween, don’t forget our favorite party-caldron fire hack!!

Shellie Gardner
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