Lighted bottle parties: What lights do I use?

November 6, 2015

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Here is a question we just received via email:

I am hosting a lighted wine bottle party. We are looking for battery operated mini lights white and have looked on your site at battery operated and craft lights. What is your recommendation for this type of project and am looking for around 30 lights. Thanks for your help. We will be looking to purchase 20 sets.

Hi Debbie,

We find that 20-light 120 volt craft strings work really well in wine bottles – plenty of bulbs but not so many that they tend to overheat since traditional lights do heat up under operation.

The 35-light strings work and are quite bright but the bottle does tend to warm up and that can shorten the lifespan of the light string.

I would suggest that you consider the 120 volt craft light unless the folks at your party will be using the bottles as centerpieces.  The LED battery lights last about 18-24 hours per battery set and the incandescent lights last about 4-7 hours.  They are perfect for weddings and parties but not necessarily the best solution for long term projects.

Here is the category for the 20-light craft lights.

Craft Lights with 20 bulbs (single plug)

There are a ton of colors so you might want to offer color selection to the attendees or just get white. You might consider white wire for clear bottles and green for darker bottles.

The cool thing about these lights is that they have a 36 inch lead wire between the plug and first bulb so most of the time an extension cord doesn’t have to be run to the bottle

If you ever do glass blocks, the 35-light craft strings are a great choice.  Here is that category:

Craft Lights with 35 lights – single plug

Be sure that if you do decorative stoppers that they are removed when the lights are lit and they are only lit under supervision.  (The heat needs to escape.)

For a no-heat solution, we do carry LED craft lights and you might consider giving your party goers that option knowing that it’s just a few dollars more.

LED Craft Lights – 20 lights to the string

Hope that helps – have a great time!!

2 thoughts on “Lighted bottle parties: What lights do I use?”

    1. We generally don’t suggest folks go over 35 bulbs for standard wine bottles and many customers prefer 20.

      To use 50 lights in a bottle, I’d definitely go LED.

      Please also note that with incandescent lights, be sure not to cap them off to trap in the heat as well. That actually fades the color and shortens their lifespan.

      Thanks for your question, hope that helps!

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