Lighting a Jack O’ Lantern for Halloween

October 27, 2014


In the Robinson house, we LOVE carving pumpkins. Here in Texas, one week before Halloween is the earliest we can carve our oversized squash since it is 90 degrees in October.  (They almost mold the minute you cut them open.)

This weekend gave us fantastic weather for all that carving and thank goodness for First Tee golf practice Saturday morning so Jack’s in a lovely outfit for this photo.

Jack and his Jack O’ Lantern

As a note, First Tee meets for 90 minutes once a week for a semester teaching basic golf skills and encourages leadership for $50 a session.  (By session, I mean the entire Fall or Spring set of classes.)  Such a great opportunity for the boys to learn golf, become fantastic and earn a scholarship – all while wearing tailored shorts.  (One can dream.)

I realized as the pumpkins were finished that we needed lights.

Since I always have a few strands of battery lights on hand at the house I whipped out two sets. Actually, since he was in the house, I yelled through the door, “Hey, Dave, can you grab a couple of sets of LED battery lights for the pumpkins.”

I didn’t specify green wire, so he grabbed white. Fine. 🙂

Here’s what they look like tossed into the pumpkin. I am using these LED lights because they last between 18 -24 hours on a single set of 3 AA batteries. They are also brighter than their incandescent battery counterparts.

You just chuck them in.  I know you may have expected a step by step set of instructions but that’s it.


We leave the battery boxes on the outside of the Jack O’ Lanterns because we don’t enjoy putting our hands into all that goo every time we want to turn them on and off.


I am happy to report that the pumpkins are super-bright and easily visible from the street.

Pure white on the left, warm white on the right. That’s Jack’s on the right.

If you don’t happen to have a few strands of LED lights in your party box, you can try finding them at your local craft and hobby shop or you can order a few from my store, Christmas Light Source.

I like to keep both warm white and pure white on white and green wire on hand for different applications. As you can see, they sure do come in handy.

Click on this link to see the different shapes and colors of battery powered LED lights.

Have a wonderful Halloween.

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