Lighting a Tree Topper in April!!

April 26, 2016

tree-topper-battery-lights-2One of my sweet customers had this project – a delicate angel Christmas tree topper that had lost its sparkle!

The tricky thing with a project like this is adding light but preserving the look of the delicate “sun-circle” (what exactly would you call this – not exactly a halo but close!). ┬áTraditional mini lights have a thicker insulation – so do traditional battery lights.

Traditional incandescent and LED battery lights also have a thicker, sturdier insulation and they generally last 4-24 hours on a single battery charge. Perfect for a party but not so much on the top of your tree.

Given this lighting problem, I thought fairy battery lights with their coated wire – super easy to hide – and 150+ hour lifespan expectancy on a single set of 3 AA batteries would be just right for her project.

We sent out her lights and I just heard that she’s super excited about how they turned out!

The only sad part is that it’ll be about 6 months before the topper lights up her tree!

So, do you have design projects for Christmas that you need to start working on now?


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