Lighting up Seattle’s Boardwalk

September 26, 2017



On a recent family trip to Seattle, WA, we breathed in ocean air as we walked along the fantastic waterfront, had lunch at Ivar’s, and enjoyed the energetic tourist area and the businesses that lined the street along the piers.

As we took an even closer look at the stores, we saw something that felt a little more personal – Christmas light clips, C9 cords and LED light bulbs outlining the windows and accenting the building’s rooflines.


Want to do something similar?

Here is our product list. Have fun lighting up your business and homes!

Lights on the Seattle Shirt Company souvenir shop:  (that’s where we picked up the boy’s hoodies!)


Surface mount clips along trim.  These clips are installed with a screw that is included with your order.


At Kidd Valley Burgers and Shakes notice the lights around windows and along trim as you stop to order one of my favorite meals!


Magnetic clips on metal flashing:


Note: Saltwater in the air is super-hard on clips and electrical cords.  Nothing lasts forever in the heat, salt, and sun. If you are on the water, be sure to have a stash of extra clips waiting to go into action when there’s a man down.



At Simply Seattle, take a quick look at the lights as you pop in for a snow globe!



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