Lighting Your Entryway: One Container 3 Ways

by | Sep 20, 2019

I’m always looking for a fun way to jazz up my front entryway and nothing says “Autumn” like galvanized tub full of interesting seasonal items illuminated from below with lights.

These projects also liven up an entryway table, countertop or, with a set of battery lights, make a lovely centerpiece.  (Just watch for height if you plan to leave it in place during dinner.)

So, it’s time to fill a galvanized tub 3 ways!

Items needed for this project

A galvanized tub – We like this oval version available at feed stores, some home stores and possibly your local hardware store.  This tub was purchased online at

A string of white mini lights on either green or white wire. (We used a string of 50 white mini lights on green wire.)


Pumpkins – Real or fake. (Find the fake ones at your local craft store.) Since I live in Texas, we tend to stick with faux squash when decorating outside. We’ve seen carved pumpkins crumble and dissolve before our eyes.



Fabric of your choice

Gourds – Real or fake.


A Riser – Either a platform or box with do nicely.

Some leaves for filler – Either real or fake (as shown here).


Logs, leaves, mason jars, other fun stuff you probably have in your home decor stash.

Setup #1: Celebrate Autumn

  1. Pop in the riser.
  2. Add the mums. (Don’t you love the yellow? Burnt Orange or purple would certainly work just as well—especially if you were shooting for a TCU themed entryway.)
  3. Gently toss in the lights making sure the male plug is at the back of the tub.
  4. Add the pumpkin and all the other stuff.

Wasn’t that easy?

Setup #2: Pumpkins Galore

Make a few changes. Ditch the mums and use a couple different color pumpkins. Add a teal mason jar, white tulle, and a couple of hydrangea floral accents. This arrangement makes a lovely sideboard or indoor entryway accent.

7 9 10

Setup #3: Winter Wonderland

Change to a Winter-y theme in late December or January with red and black plaid fabric, a couple of Aspen logs, your lights, and some real or fake pink branches.


12  13

Originally Published October 29, 2016. Updated September 20, 2019.

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