Lighting Your Fireplace!!

August 6, 2018

Note that accompanied this photo:  I wanted twinkle lights but the gentleman suggested i try the running lights & he was right. they work perfectly! i didn’t even unwind them but set the entire group in the back of our unused fireplace behind the artificial logs. Very nice! Service is great!


Even though winter is upon us, in some parts of the country, it’s still now cold enough to light the fire!

Red and yellow lights – in both chasing and steady styles are a great way to decorate a much-overlooked part of your living room


Just tuck lights into the fireplace opening and cover with black organza.

It goes without saying that you won’t be operating gas logs or burning a fire while your lights and fabric are in there…..

Here is a quick video of the results of this quick and easy project. From around the corner, the light really did look a bit like a fire. Very cozy.



Here is how we used the same lights to create fake fire for a Halloween Party!


Shellie Gardner
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