Lights for Carnivals! LED T50’s in Action!

November 25, 2018

Shopping for lights for a carnival Merry-Go-Round or just looking for lights for a backyard party this Friday?

Get the look!

You can achieve this look with either smooth or faceted T50 LED lights in warm white.

Find warm white with a faceted look here.

Or shop for a bulb with a smooth finish here

Note that these bulbs have a larger E26 base.

Find cords here.

We love these bulbs advantages:

  • Virtually non-breakable
  • Use up to 90% less electricity than traditional bulbs
  • Warm rich color
  • Easy to replace compared to all-in-one light strings

So, how will you decorate for the next Carnival?  The next party?

Share your comments and we’d love to see photos!!

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