Battery LED lights work great in glass mosaic projects

November 2, 2010

It just so happens that this past summer I started a new hobby – glass mosaic. I love to cut glass in just the perfect shape and match it artfully with glass gems and glass figures.

(As a note, my favorite source for those little glass gems are They have the coolest sun faces.

I spent all summer working on this hurricane. I have been lighting it up with a candle. But yesterday I popped a set of the white micro drop led lights in to see what they’d look like – and I think they look great. Since they don’t have insulation on the wire, they “float” in the container instead of filling it with wire that you can see through the lighter pieces of glass. And since they last 150 hours I won’t have to change the batteries out too often. (Most battery operated sets are tailored for use in events and last 6-24 hours depending on the style.)

I decided to try the yellow LED set. It’s a nice look.

Yellow LED battery light in a mosaic hurricane.

The blue is nice – and since this project is very blue, it seems to emphasize this color. The only downside to using a colored battery light set is that you start to lose the color of some of the glass work. It adds ambiance 🙂

Blue LED light in glass mosaic project.

My favorite for ambiance is the red lights. I’m looking forward to Valentines Day.

So, if you are into mosaic or have glass work that you want to highlight – try a set of micro drop led lights – they look like little drops of clear epoxy on a bare wire. When you flip the battery switch they really light up for such little globs on a wire.

Happy Hobbies,
Lights for Mosaic Projects

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