Our Favorite Bulbs for Spring

January 14, 2021

When buds appear on the trees and longer, brighter days appear, it’s natural to turn our attention to outdoor living and lighting. Everyone needs a place to relax in the evening after a long day of gardening and Spring cleaning. Start measuring and making plans now.

Our Incandescent Top Pick for Spring

Classic incandescent bulbs continue to be a winner with customers even as the industry moves more toward LED.

This T50/S14 glass bulb has an E26 base – commonly sold as “patio lights”, work as great replacements in any cord with an E26 sized base. New cords can be purchased at this link.

S14(T50) White Party Light Bulb, E26 base

Incandescent Runners Up

These bulbs are great choices for repurposing Christmas light cords for use outside of the traditional season. These bulbs also work on any seasonal cord that is wired in parallel and has E12 (used for C7) or E17 (used for C9) bases.

  • Round G30 Bulbs Small but beautiful. Just smaller than a ping pong ball. Install in E12 Cords. Available in a wide variety of colors.
  • Round G40 Bulbs Manufactured with both E12 and E17 bases so these bulbs work in either style cord. Transparent white is a versatile choice. (Available in many colors in addition to white/clear.)
  • Round G50 Bulbs Slightly larger for larger spaces and more drama. The G50’s only come in clear with an E12 base but are available in a variety of colors with E17.

Our LED Top Pick for Spring

Warm white T50 Bulb with E26 Base

LED Runners Up

See our full line of outdoor bulbs and cords to create your top pick combination for Spring.

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