Lights on a tree on a lake!

December 7, 2017



We love seeing creative projects. Floating a lit tree in the middle of a lake is so cool! We just received this email and stunning photo from Bob in North Carolina.

Please provide to Dave. I promised that once I placed the lights on the tree which was in a sturdy stand bolted to the raft floor, I would send a picture of the arrangement. We placed 14 sets of your multi color lights on a 9′ tree.

One set of white lights were placed in the star at the top. A trolling deep sink marine battery in a battery box with cigarette lighter receptacle was used to power a 12 volt timer. Wire was placed on 4 corners of the raft to secure the tree during high winds. Placed plastic over battery and timer to protect them from rain/snow. Works great.

Would suggest you supply the extension with cigarette lighter per each application, not with each set of lights. I have 12 extra left over.

Bob, North Carolina

See Bob’s full instructions below.  Thanks so much for sharing!!  –  Shellie



Christmas Tree on a Raft in Sunset Lake

Holly Springs, N.C.


3/4″ Plywood -Home Depot – $24

Tree Stand- $50

Real Xmas Tree 9′- $70

12 v Lights- 16 sets (one white for star and 15 multi color for tree)   $150.53

Timer- DC 12v 16Amps Digital Electronics LCD Time relay item 152489748183 from EBAY. Bought 2 for $19.98. Next year will light up raft edges and use 2nd timer on 2nd cigarette plug of Minn Kota box.

Instructions were not good. Use U Tube description on Amazon. There is a jump wire from 1-3 terminal on timer. Used No. 22 wire connectors to attach wire from cigarette lighter (power in) and other end of extension to timer (power out).

Need to identify positive leads on Number 22 wire on lights of power in as they are similar wire and not coded. Secure timer to a piece of 2×4 and secure to plywood base.

Deep Sink Marine Battery -no core for turn in at WalMart.- $108.03

Minn Kota Waterproof box from Amazon- $58.97

Wire- $10

Assembly instructions.

  1. Drilled holes in all 4 legs of stand. Secured the tree stand to plywood base with 2 1/2″ screws through each of the 4 legs.
  2. Place  tree in stand in vertical position and attached 4 lengths of wire to trunk of tree 1/3 from top of tree.
  3. Timer was preset on at 5:45 and off at 11:00 PM. and secured to a piece of 2×4 which was secured to the plywood. A ziplock bag kept it waterproof.
  4. Star with white 12 volt lights were secured to top of tree and remaining lights attached one by one and secured with electrical tape for water proofing and secure connection.
  5. Cigarette lighter was placed into receptacle on Minn kota box and lights tested. When all were working, battery was disconnected and placed on the raft so it would not slide in winds.
  6. Hooks were placed on the plywood and ropes attached to help drag the tree and stand onto the raft. Two ramps were used to ease the transfer from launch area to raft. When in place on the raft,the plywood was secured to the raft with 6 star 3″ exterior screws.
  7. Cigarette lighter was attached to battery box and a plastic cover placed over Minn Kota box and secured to the raft with bricks. Four Wires attached to tree were secured to the 4 corners of the raft to prevent tipping in high winds.
  8. Battery is at full charge after 1 week.  Will continue to test until lights do not light.


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